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Swirl marks?  Blemishes? Light scratches? Buffing Holograms? Before you spend excessive amounts on a new paint job, visit our shop for a paint correction estimate.  We can restore the lustre to your paint and hand you back a car with a mirror finish.

Paint Correction Service Includes:

• Detailed high pressure hot decontamination

  wash & blow dry

• Clean door jambs

• Detail Wheel faces & inner barrels/tyres/wheel wells

• Bitumen removal from bodywork & wheels

• Clay bar treatment to paintwork

• Machine Polishing of paintwork

• Application of non-sling tyre dressing

• Application of 3 month paint protection

• Hard water stains removed from exterior glass

• Exhaust outlets rejuvenated

Paint Correction from $795

Final price will vary on condition of vehicle & fixed quote will be given once vehicle is presented at workshop for evaluation.